Top 8 healthy indian breakfast recipes

India is a land rich in culture and heritage and with that Indian food is well known for its variety and spice, below are a healthy indian breakfast recipes that will tingle your taste buds and make you fall in love with them.


Onion Bhaji by Scrumpdillycious:

Top 5 healthy indian breakfast recipes - the zippy - chef- onion-bhaji2

When I was a child my father used to take us to Singhagad fort where we would trek a mountain for about 45 minutes and reach the foothills of the fort. The speciality of the fort was the scenic view from the top and the delicious, crispy and hot “Onion bhaji”. For those who don’t know what onion bhaji are, these are basically starters that are mainly prepared from onions, gram flour and green chilli. The beauty of these starters is that it takes just 15 minutes to cook and is both gluten free and vegan. And if you want these bhajis can be enjoyed with coconut chutney or even tomato sauce as a side dish. Speaking from experience these bhajis are highly addictive so be cautious and relish this crispy taste of goodness called “Onion bhaji”.It is not just a snack but an absolutely scrummy healthy indian breakfast dish as well.


Vegetable Masala Toast by Sailu’s Food:


Top 5 healthy indian breakfast recipes - the zippy - chef-vegetable-masala-toast

For me bread is the best breakfast option when I’m in a hurry or just too lazy to cook, mostly its the latter. Anyways I try to find ways i can minimise my efforts but prepare something delicious, following my search i stumbled across Vegetable Masala toast by Sailu’s food. This dish so colourful and vibrant that it seems like a festival. As Sailu says it makes up for an colourful sandwich box for the kids, it’s a breakfast for every age there is. You can savour it any way you want, as a grill or open sandwich. But the best part is it just requires 4 basic ingredients 12 minutes to cook!!! It’s the dish for all my fellow lazy foodies.


Paneer Bhurji by Madhura’s Recipe:

Top 5 healthy indian breakfast recipes - the zippy - chef-paneer-bhurji-1

Whenever I to go to a restaurant, there is one thing that i always try out: that is paneer or cottage cheese, whether it is the form of a starter or a main course i just cannot get enough of this beauty of a dish. When i saw Madhura’s recipe for Paneer bhurji you can imagine how i excited i must have got. Basically cottage cheese is crumbled and blended in a mix of spices and a vegetable which creates a beautiful aroma of the dish, when eaten is absolutely bliss. With cooking time of 25 minutes this recipe is nutritious, tasty and easy to prepare.


Top 5 healthy indian breakfast recipes - the zippy - chef-quinoaavocadobreakfastbowlfinal

Mornings are usually lazy for me, I wake up when my alarm gives up on me, I spend around 20 minutes to freshen up and then I need to worry about what I should cook for breakfast. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day it should be healthy and filled with nutrition, but I find it difficult to strike a balance between healthy and easy breakfast. But thanks to Dara from cookincanuck all my breakfast worries are gone. A good breakfast like Quinoa avocado breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day, filled with high protein and healthy fats this is your go-to breakfast when you need a quick, simple and nutritious meal. Within 20 minutes you get the goodness of quinoa, eggs, avocados and olive oil, well now that’s impressive for a small bowl of breakfast.



Top 5 healthy indian breakfast recipes - the zippy - chef-healthy-egg-muffin-cups-final3

Raise your hand if you wished to get readymade breakfast on the table!! The sheer joy of not spending extra time and energy on cooking breakfast is just so relaxing, but alas how many of us could feel this way without opening a ready to cook packets from our favourite brands. Worry not Jennifer from show me the yummy is your guardian angel, she presents us Healthy egg muffin cups that can be stored for up to 4 days !!! Impressive right? These cups have the proteins from eggs and vegetables and can be enjoyed with your morning coffee and toast or whatever you desire. Now don’t waste time and munch on these yummy and healthy egg muffin cups.



Top 5 healthy indian breakfast recipes - the zippy - chef-sweet-potato-and-kale-hash

There is something about this picture of sweet potato and kale hash that just calms me down, maybe it is because of the sunny side up omelette relaxing on the mountain of kale hash or maybe I’m just very another foodie obsessing a beautiful dish. I’m thankful to Chris from shared appetite for giving us the beautiful Sweet potato and kale hash that for me is the answer to the boring cereals and bread butter breakfast I usually have. We all know how nutritious sweet potato is and when it is clubbed with fried egg it just makes a powerful breakfast. To soothe your liking you can add paprika and pepper to enhance the flavour and spiciness of this dish and check out what Chris has to say about cutting sweet potatoes it will save you some time. Now what are you waiting for, cook this powerful dish and get pumped up for all of your activities.

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