About Us

The journey of us two food-keteers began the day we stepped out of our homes into a new continent, a new country, a new city. We were the new strangers in town. The new strangers, who faced the same problems every day. The new strangers, who understood the troubles we faced and found a friend in each other.

We share a common love – the joy of eating good food. If not engaged in any activity, we’d ask each other what food we had already eaten, or what we were going to eat in the evening. A duo of gluttons is what you could call us. Well, life was mundane, but suddenly in between our humdrum existence we wondered, why not gather a collection of recipes that’s been stirring up our palate. Recipes that were feeding our tummies delicious food, with ingredients that fit well within our budget.

That’s when The Zippy Chef was born.

The Zippy Chef, is for every student, every working individual, every novice cook, and also for those who are just undecided on what to cook. We aim at helping numerous people like us, by curating simple and delicious recipes from experienced food bloggers and chefs, that can be cooked quickly within the comfort of your home, without creating a hole in your pockets.