5 healthy soup recipes for winter

These healthy soup recipes for winter will warm you right till your toes keeping you snug and cosy while you read a good book or just unwind.


Winter is coming….Apart from Game of thrones, this phrase means a lot of things. Its that time of the year when days get shorter, its cold everywhere and our body demands a lot of warmth to tackle that weather. Today we present to you one such popular dish that is known for its warmth and taste. A warm bowl of soup is what we mean, for me it is one of the best food items one can have for winters as its easy to make, delicious to taste, healthy to consume.


Creamy Spiced Cauliflower soup by Produce on Parade

When there is spiciness and creaminess in my food i know my food is going is to be great, but when i saw the cauliflower in this soup recipe you could imagine my face. But remember what they say, never judge a book by its cover, in one of those lazy Saturday i made up my mind to prepare this soup and boy oh boy was i wrong, guys this dish is exactly what it says… creamy.. spicy… and the twist is the cauliflower.  Thanks to Katie from Produce on Parade for clarifying my doubts about cauliflower induced food dishes, guys this vegan soup is filled with cream, and spices and makes a good appetizer just go for it.



Hot and Sour Soup by Amy in The Kitchen

One of my favourite healthy soup recipes is the Hot and sour, be it in restaurants or when i feel like having ready to cook soups, this is my go to soup. The mix of vegetables, which enhance the taste and provide the beneficial nutrients in soup when clubbed with the thick density of, creates a sense of satisfaction that gives you ultimate muaaah factor!!!. The beauty of hot and sour is that it just takes 15min to cook and 10 min to prepare, so in 25 minutes you can relish this hot and tasty soup.



One-Pot Tomato and Basil Tortellini Soup by Gal on a Mission:

I still remember the first time I had my first tortellini, one of my Italian friends bought it from a local grocery store and i was curious to know what these white, small pots were. To satisfy my curiosity i went back to store and bought these Italian pots and wow these were delicious. When i stumbled across pot tomato basil tortellini soup, i was adamant to try out this exotic dish.  The ingredients and the gravy of the soup gel very well with tortellini and creates a mesmerising burst of flavours. It takes around 40 minutes to prepare but the end result makes up for the every minute spent in making it. One of the best healthy soup recipes to try.


4-healthy-soup-recipes-for-winter-the-zippy-chef- recipe-image-legacy-id-339036_11

Versatile veg soup by BBC Good Food 

The greatest thing about this soup is that it can be prepared from anything like literally anything. So it is just the perfect dish for when you have minimal food in your fridge or you just feel like doing nothing but still want to feel good.  With prep time of 15 minutes, and storage limit of 1 month, yeah that’s right folks a month, this soup is your go to soup, just freeze it properly and cherish this simple soup.

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