5 gluten free breakfast ideas to get your morning started


We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but most of its always revolved around a piece of toast or a warm tortilla wrap. What if you crave carbs but are intolerant to gluten? Easy; you go for one of our 5 (or maybe one for each day of the week) gluten free breakfast ideas to keep you feeling full and healthy all day long.


Easy Egg Sandwich by Simply Quinoa:


Alyssa from Simply Quinoa created a super simple high protein quinoa bread (http://www.simplyquinoa.com/high-protein-quinoa-bread-recipe/) and then used a generous thick slice of it to make a delectable egg sandwich complete with earthy leaves and chunky avocado. This is the breakfast recipe that you will go to every morning when you are especially running late. Takes minutes to make and just 4 ingredients and you’re good to go.


Hashbrowns, spinach and tomato pie by Diethood:

5 gluten free breakfast ideas to get your morning started-the-zippy-chef-spinach-tomato-pie-diethood

Do you know what’s better than a pie? A crustless pie that makes the entire dish gluten free, not to mention that this is gluten free breakfast idea. You get an intense amount of carbs from this pie thanks to the deliciously crisp hashbrowns made with shredded potatoes. Spinach and tomato sit on a bed of shredded mozzarella cheese and the eggs bring it all together making it into a crustless quiche that will drag you out of bed every morning with its hunger – inducing aromas.


Cinnamon Vanilla Waffles by I am Gluten Free:

5 gluten free breakfast ideas to get your morning started-the zippy chef- cinnamon-vanilla-waffles-i-m-gluten-free

Nothing screams breakfast like a plate of hot, steamy waffles with a generous dollop of butter melting into a puddle and finding its way into the dents. These waffles by Linnaea of I am Gluten Free are made with rice flour and potato starch. It is absolutely ideal for someone who craves delicious waffles for breakfast every morning but can’t have gluten. Whether you like maple syrup over your waffles, caramel sauce or just like to eat it plain, this is a gluten free breakfast idea that you will thank us for bringing to you.


Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza with Hash Brown Crust by Iowa Girl Eats:

5 gluten free breakfast ideas to get your morning started-the zippy chef-gluten-free-hash-brown-crust-breakfast-pizza-iowagirleats-03

Pizza makes everything better in life, no? What if you could eat this food of the heavens every morning for breakfast. I bet it would be so much easier to get out of bed if you knew a large slice of this decadent cheesy gluten free pizza was waiting for you at the table? With just a few ingredients and a hashbrown crust, this pizza comes together beautifully and is an enticing gluten free breakfast idea.


Sweet Potato Toast by Downshiftology:

5 gluten free breakfast ideas to get your morning started- the zippy-chef-sweet-potato-toast-with-avocado-cucumber-smoked-salmon-and-poached-egg-downshiftology

This is the most innovative gluten free breakfast idea that you will ever come across. It takes thinly sliced sweet potatoes and transforms them into crisp slices of toast that you can then top off with your favorite toppings. It is so highly customizable, you will be delighted and soon running out of options to choose from. Lisa Bryan uses avocado and smoked salmon with thinly sliced cucumbers to top her toast. How will you top yours?


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