3 ways to cook pork


3-ways-to-cook-pork-the-zippy-chefThe quickest way for me to eat pork was buying frozen ham, bacon and pork sausages. It was easy to prepare and tasty to eat. But it lost its charm when I started eating it so very frequently. That’s when I decided I would buy cut pork and try cooking it. I was always worried about making sure I cook it properly, but the following recipes provides step by step guidance to make sophisticated and divine meals.


3 ways to cook pork the zippy chef pork-fried-rice-photo

I have made fried rice numerous times. All I used to do was basically throw in some onions, salt, pepper, soy, scrambled eggs and cooked rice into a pan and wait till it cooks. But quite often I have found myself eating really pungent and strong tasting food. This was partially because I generally followed my instincts (By now you should’ve realised I’m not the best of cooks!). Jen’s recipe provides the proper measurement and the proper way fried rice is made. The ingredients used are pretty much the same, but she provides step by step guidance which makes it easier to cook all the elements properly. The addition of pork is ingenious! It enhances the flavour of the rice to another level. It’s the perfect recipe for a simple, quick and filling meal.


3 ways to cook pork the zippy chef  pork-marsala-recipe

Finding this recipe was a funny coincidence. I was surfing on the internet looking for various “masala” recipes, to challenge my ability to eat spicy food. But while reading the recipe I realised that it was “Pork Marsala” and not masala. I was tripping over that confusion for a minute, but then I found the recipe really interesting. It was definitely something I had never tried before. So I got myself all the necessary ingredients and started cooking. The smell of the marsala wine was so heavenly that I poured myself a glass to accompany me. Making this recipe was a bit different than the usual ones I attempt. It was more of me pampering myself with good food using rich ingredients. The only thing I changed was using green beans instead of broccoli. The end result? Utterly gratifying food that would satisfy a person with the most sophisticated palate.


3 ways to cook pork the zippy chef marinated-pork-chops-11-e1405395709430

On occasions I try being more organised, scheduling my work and meals. The day I made this dish was one of those days. I covered the pork chops with the simple marinade mentioned in the recipe by Becky. I had done that the previous night, so the meat had enough time to absorb the flavour. I think it was tastier since I kept it for a longer period of time. So on my lazy afternoon all I had to do was take it out and char it on my grill. The aroma it gave off the grill wade everyone so hungry. The marinated grilled pork chops went well with the beers we were having that day. The combination of the tender and juicy meat along with the smoky charred marinade was a feast to all the hungry souls at home.

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