Veganism is a lifestyle choice that is being slowly adopted by many people all over the world. But after years of following a certain eating habit, how do you prevent yourself from being tempted by lovely soft cup-cakes or dark sizzling brownies? Well, the wonderful recipes below help everyone enjoy small pleasures in life while staying true to their beliefs


3 DESSERTS FOR VEGANS-THE-ZIPPY-CHEF-chocolate-mug-cake-hebbars-kitchen

The average time to make a chocolate cake is about 40 min, but what if I told you, you can make a chocolate cake dessert in just 5 minutes!!! U may think I’m on some kind of drug but trust me I’m not, I’m just high on this chocolate cake that I’m about to tell u guys about.

So what we have here is a heavenly looking and soul soothing chocolate mug cake that literally takes less time than getting dressed. This cake suits our inner health conscious self as its made without egg sugar.  Just follow the exact proportion of ingredients to get a perfect moisture and sweetness., if you are not a fan of chocolate, you can replace cocoa powder with coffee powder or add any essence to it the thing is you can customize it according to your taste and preference by adding walnut and cashews to make it more crunchy and if you want more sugar just add a tsp of sugar with condensed milk.  Now just relax and enjoy the sweetest thing u can get under 5 minutes.


3 DESSERTS FOR VEGANS-THE-ZIPPY-CHEF-vegan-brownies-gimme-some-oven

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
Charles M. Schulz

Every little story has a little bit of sweetness to it. For every sweet little occasion you always have to have CHOCOLATE! This recipe is can help you get the answers for all your chocolate needs. It is easy to make with nutritious contents in it.  Made with goodness of olive oil and avocado, these sweet little brownies can make your day more joyful. It’s both for vegan and non- vegan chocolate cravers. It can be baked quickly and made within some minutes which are rich, warm, and healthy to munch on. These are perfect for holiday seasons when guests and family come over more often and contribute to your sweet holiday memories.


3 DESSERTS FOR VEGANS-THE-ZIPPY-CHEF-baking-ginger-vanilla-chai-cupcakes

When you look at cupcakes you have got to smile, the sheer size and shape of these little devils  a mood changer. Cupcakes texture and taste make it perfect for occasions such as birthdays and parties and it is highly customisable to serve vegans. Jane from Baking Ginger adds a twist to this desert, a chai flavoured cupcakes!! This new dish with the hint of spiciness from chai and the sweetness from the vanilla induced cupcakes create a unique blend of flavours that just creates a perfect delicacy for winters and since tea bags are just to be boiled directly and used it is easy to make and within 35 minutes you have yourself 24 fluffy balls of sweetness that we call vanilla chai cupcakes.

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